A Statement

what we may do for you and your project:
giving it a platform to grow and flourish ñ attracting an audience to contribute and collaborate ñ making your idea and concept barrierfree accessible and understandable ñ discovering the essence and value of the concept ñ cultivating the identity and uniqueness ñ presented sensitive and irresistible

Making it:

you and your project are special ñ so many thoughts about, discussions, meetings, ideas ñ sleepless nights and sweet dreams ñ endless work, investigations, cooperations, innovations and now: something new, something amazing ñ it deserves that people see and feel the difference radical and clear ñ extracting the essence of your project, making it unique

it does matter ñ haptic, sound and the tonality of visibility are the major supporters ñ packaging of your ideas and concepts are a reference to your audience, and ñ the media is the message, sometimes the massage, formats and platforms are convincingñ the content is appealing and beneficial ñ giving your project meaning and showing its relevance

orientation and navigation ñ in space as in content ñ a guided discovery to your project ñ how to explore the beauty and expertise ñ what a pleasure to get in touch ñ see landmarks and bookmarks ñ understanding the structure, relying on the systematics ñ involvement and participation ñ barrierfree ñ creating trust and credibility ñ getting there with joy

innovations need stakeholders ñ novelities brave pioneers ñ local and global communities shall be approached ñ context is everything ñ empathy the skill - flair the key to attention ñ cross-cultural, -national, -lingual ñ psychology the tool ñ methods and principles assist the challenge getting the message across in an activating mode and mood ñ in clarity

it is all about people ñ the more comrades the bigger, stronger and better the idea, accompany, attracting congenial supporters and pushing developers by providing attractive platforms and formats in the tonality of the project ñ working together, exchanging ideas and sharing expertise ñ design offers a platform for building communities and tribes

The Services

The communication about your project contains all elements of successful branding with focus on the existing touchpoints. Integrated within the orporate identity design, projects will be equipped with a visual language, a clear differentiation is made visible and various media, from web to print and staff performance are designed to express the tonality and meaning of the projects ission. Major attention is given to the little details: signage, forms, guidance within the project, feedback opportunities, recheck in haptic and material experience combined with the requirements of barrier free universal design.
As little as possible, with maximum impact.

is an expertise, driven by information design thinking, in order to get a differing point of view or an evaluation of existing activities. It delivers clarity about the status quo and future options, it is an independent confirmation, a fuller understanding of methods and tools as well as suggestions of relevant measurements to bridge communication gaps within the project.

Within only 24 hours, this workshop delivers tangible prototypes and a masterplan for further execution. High speed thinking and making, by going through the six parts of the triple diamond model:
discovering and defining (explore)
developing and delivering (create),
diagnosing and distilling (evaluate)
with final results push a project by giving it a shape and plan.
Workshops held with various partners:
i.e. Jakov Jakisic(Gehirnmuskel) Veronika Egger (is-design) Ö

Following the contemporary definition as being a platform for development and innovation, design is serving as a medium bringing interested and passionate people together. The tonality, setup and style of running exchange fora, conferences and meetings are key elements in the process of disseminating and promoting projects.
Besides that the overall development of an associoation, including membership administration and promotion, publication of membersë work and expertise, academic double-blind review processes, organisation of competitions and awards, a well considered structure of local gatherings and global events are esse to the financial prosperity.

Very simple and logic: Seldom we are familiar with unknown places, and even of our local neighborhood we have a different perception, a mental map. Walking needs different information than driving or moving by public transports: Heads-up instead of north-up position, distance is better understood in time and landmarks help us to orientate and navigate and enjoy the scenery.

The Methods

for instance the dog story: Developing a concept for urban environments to find your lost dog, could also be approached by changing the perspectives and think about the situation finding a dog. Real exciting and inspiring is the dogs point of view, which will lead to amazing results.
More to know about our style of solving issues you will again find in our little booklet: ESPRESSO

Triple Diamond Model

The diamond diagram is based on research at the British Design Council and further developed by the requirements of information design by IIID as a simple graphical way of describing the design process.
Divided into three distinct phases, Explore, Create and Check, it maps the divergent and convergent stages of the design process, showing the different modes of thinking that designers use.

EXPLORE: Discover and Define
It begins with an initial idea or inspiration, often sourced from a discovery phase in which user needs are identified. These include market research, user research and managing information. Followed by the definition stage, in which interpretation and alignment of these needs to business objectives is achieved. Key activities during the Define stage are project development, management and sign-off.

CREATE: Develop and Deliver
The third stage marks a period of development where design-led solutions are developed, iterated and tested within the company. Key activities and objectives during the Develop stage are multi-disciplinary working, visual management and
development methods. The fourth stage represents the delivery activities, where the resulting product or service is finalised and launched in the relevant market.

CHECK: Diagnose and Distill
The key activities and objectives during this stage are user experience testing and reflection about to extract the learnings and restart the process again. Following the definition of information design:
is the defining, planning, and shaping of the contents of a message and the environments in which it is presented, with the intention to satisfy the information needs of the intended recipients