Kenya Hara

Branding by Information Design

who: women ski-jumping team
what: team identity by design
where: Scandinavia

Skijumping for women is nothing new. It goes all the way back to the 1926 when the Norwegian Olga Balsted-Eggen jumped 26 meters and in 1994 the Austrian Eva Ganster was a the first woman forerunner at the Olympics in Lillehammer and jumped 113,5 meters. In 2007 the FIS approved World Championships for women ski jumpers in Liberec 2009, but denied the ladies to participate at the Olympic games. Giving importance, relevance and self confidence by using design for an appealing branding external to the audience as well as internal within the team.

City Development

category: corporate identity
what: harmonizing communications
who: City Government
where: Vienna

the communications of several departments of the city administration has been harmonized, based on the existing corporate identity guidelines. To meet contemporary requirements the systematics and structure was redefined and the formats adapted and streamlined. Special focus was given to the dialogue of citizens wit the city¥s administration to envolve people in the process of urban development

category: corporate identity
what: internal campaign: Monozukuri
who: European headquarter of a japanese company
where: Europe, North Africa, Near East

The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to show profile and be outstanding. Especially within multinational companies it is a challenge to build a relationship to the origin. Monozukuri is the credo of this company, and means two simple things:
ï Creating our products with pride and passion.
ï Keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere.
Monozukuri is an ongoing continual process. With Monozukuri we exceed customers expectations by applying superior proprietary technology and knowledge. Monozukuri is creating new values realized in quality products and services.
Taking this as a starting point, the companies Standards of Conduct and the Corporate Social Responsibility policy was made known among employees and partners. This internal campaign was supported by a general approach to japanese culture and various activities have taken place to understand the uniqueness of the company.
(P.S.: most employees in multinational companies can¥t even explain the origin and meaning of its name.)

category: internal education programme
what: training materials
who: European headquarter of a japanese company of the imaging industry
where: Europe and Near East

The masses of information that have to be processed everyday are getting larger and larger. Now if new information is to be communicated, due importance is attached to guiding the way to, presenting and following up pieces of content. For this reason
it is achieved that information is processed in such a way that it can in every case be noticed, identified as relevant, understood and thus utilised by thedesired recipient with a maximum result.
Content-3, as a method, is the optimal psychological and graphical preparation, processing and follow-up of a learning content over a certain period of time. Situations that are typical of Content-3, are all sorts of gatherings of persons for the purpose of information transfer such as trainings, kick-offs, meetings and workshops. The 3 phases are:
Preparation Through introductory material and the form of the invitation, which expresses the appreciation of both the person addressed and the significance of the subject, the participant is stimulated and put in a receptive mood.
Processing It is seldom necessary to furnish additional information, but in most cases it is much more important to present significant pieces of content in a well structured and activating form, so that they are easy to translate into effective actions.
Follow-up At adequate intervals the presented content is tested and actively repeated by using scenarios taken from the daily work routine which are characterised by example-based learning. Concluding surveys present the basis for future optimisation

category: sales development
what: product knowledge and customer references
who: European headquarter of an American company
where: Europe

Stimulance and Structure
The psychological principle of stimulance may best be described by the liveliness of communication. For instance, on the one hand, people are curious and love change, letting themselves be enthralled by the new and unknown. On the other hand, they feel well, safe and secure in a familiar environment. Good visual communication always offers both: familiar elements ñ the basis being the
recognition factor ñ and the new, which rouses the attention and fascinates, and by doing so, creates excitement.

Against the backdrop of today's overexposure to information and the shortage of the resource time, it is particularly important to present significant pieces of content in a well-structured form. Design as a visual form of information management fulfills the function of distinguishing between important and unimportant content, deleting what is unimportant, and by doing so, reducing the complexity of information. In the graphic realisation, interconnected lines create relations and structure, making the alternation of closeness and distance an integral part of understanding and orientation.

category: product launch
what: lead generation for sales
who: subsidiary of an Japanese company
where: Norway

The market success of a product is influenced even before the phase of active sale. A well-prepared product launch, the motivation and activation of the sales personnel, attractive documentation and a customer care beyond the life cycle are the essential concomitant factors. This brochure gives an overview of our philosophy and the services we offer within the scope of internal sale and the communication with sales partners and sales representatives.
In the dialogue with a company¥s own employees and its sales partners, the content is naturally paid utmost attention. However, factors that go without saying in customer approach and advertising, are often neglected in internal communication. It is only the design of the communication media that lends the necessary importance to the content, and it is a means for expressing the esteem for the internal customer and the sales partner alike.

Based on the technical understanding of the product, marketing-relevant information is attractively designed and ìwrapped upî for the best possible performance by paying regard to the processes of learning theory. Then it is personalised, split in small quantities and made available to the sales representative in various ways.

category: branding and universal design
what: glassmarking
who: Hilfsgemeinschaft
where: Vienna/Austria

Designing the entrance door for the Austrian Association in Support of the Blind and Visually Impaired, we combined Braille and embossed letters together, so blind people can read something, normal sighted people would not be able to read although it is understandable, together it offers the whole picture, inspiring all visitors to think about, (instead of being annoyed by some ugly glass-marking) It is about the common experience and not separated.
(Thanks to Laura Badalucco and her team at IAUV, working at the Accademia in Venice for their inspiration.)

Applying Universal Design principles, which means that design keeps in mind all the possibile changes in human capabilities, due not only to a permanent disability or age, but also to any form of temporary limitation every person once in life has to face.

Apart from that we are fascinated by the potential of Braille, content wise as well as from the design perspective.

category: Corporate Identity
what: Repositioning and Brand Development
who: Thomas Burzler
where: Friedberg/Germany

In memoriam Thomas Burzler, a friend and partner since more than 15 years, who died recently unexpected in an accident.
Missing his joy, optimism and inspiration.

who: European Country
what: Embassy public communications
where: Vienna

Based on the identity design guidelines various colleterals have been workouts for local activities, like movie festival, opening of residency, celebrating the national day or hospitality events at ski-jumpings contests. Very smooth, sensitive and modest.

Platforms and Conferences

what: Puclic Transports Study Trip in Japan
when: Oct 12 - 19, 2013
where: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Naoshima
who: everybody, who is dedicated to sustainability

For the first time IIID will offer a study tour, exclusively for our members and their associates. We will visit Japan, where we will focus on Traffic & Transport Design. Jointly organised by IIID and long standing IIID member Keichi Koyama of idesign with the support of the Japan Sign Design Association, Tokyo, the tour will take place from 12 ñ 19 October 2013.

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category: international conference
what: mobile plus
who: IIID, MSSRF and Unesco
where: Chennai/India

On behalf of IIID Veronika Egger organized this conference in Chennai India, which addresses technology and information design challenges for bringing relevant content via mobile phone to people who would otherwise have no access to such information. It investigated what formats of communication are appropriate and understandable in order to empower people, facilitate exchange and promote inclusive growth. We had been very pleased to contibute the design and communications.

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GreenID, an exchange forum,
on sustainable information design

Vienna, June-30, July-1, 2011

"We need greenID because it about designing effects and consequences."

"We need greenID because it is about creating the conditions for positive impact."

"We need greenID because it is about designing understanding and understanding precedes action, change, evolution and r-evolution." (Angela Morelli)

greenID will focus on sustainable communications and information design solutions, covering not only concerns of ecological production, recycling and disposal, but especially effective planning in the forefront. Sustainable design starts with a strategic concept, the right choice of media, and maximum reduction of information and communications that nevertheless meets the citizen's or customer's information needs.

greenID exchange forum sets out to discuss:
ï How to plan sustainable information design strategies?
ï How to adjust media-use?
ï How to (re)design information channels?
ï How to communicate improvements?
- in the design process?
- in individual projects and business?
ï How to influence users/customers behaviour, reactions and benefits?
ï How to evaluate reactions and users benefits?

The exchange forum is a format of IIID,
the International Institute for Information Design.

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An Exchange Forum on Information Design for Visually Impaired People
Vienna, October 25-26, 2010 and September 4-5, 2013

Space-x will investigated the contribution of information design to make space more accessible and enjoyable for visually impaired people. It is an exchange forum in kind cooperation with the Austrian Relief Organisation for Visually Impaired, the Japan Sign Design Association (JSDA) and the Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD).

category: exchange format
IIID in cooperation with the OECD
where: Paris

The cooperation between IIID (International Institute for Information Design) and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) explored how people interact with (statistical) data. Over 50 speakers from 20 countries investigated selection, visualisation, interpretation and communication of data:
ï Bringing personal meaning and relevance to statistics.
ï Sharing tools to access and understand data.
ï Finding stories in data and communicating them.
ï Helping people understand complex issues.
ï Graphic representation and decision-making.
ï Visualising progress and development.

Finding the Story ñ Telling the Story ñ Living the Story.

It was a conference for intermediaries between data, knowledge and empowerment. 
Speakers came from such diverse disciplines as economics and statistics, social and cognitive science, information design, visualisation, the media, or development planning, they work in government departments, universities, research institutes, radio, print and online media, NGOs and private companies. 
Participants experienced to look beyond the usual boundaries of discipline and left with new ideas and possibly surprising alliances.

Local Neighbourhood

CafÈ Mentone

Best coffee in town, charming family, fantastic Apfelstrudel, cosy atmosphere, meetig your neighbours and some famous designers, exchange the latest rumours, discuss politics, fashion and the savoir vivre, french language practice, sunny afternoons in the Schanigarten, daily austrian and french newspapers. We had the pleaure and honour to design the daily basics. Looking forward to meeting you at CafÈ Mentone.

Sosaku: new japanese creative kitchen,

try for yourself when staying in Vienna:

spicy seafood soup ñ filo tempura - to die for maki - rockstar maki or -rainbown maki - crusted tuna with nuts and broccoli ñ prawn with patchy and as dessert a banana ñWan Tan or pan nacotta with a warm welcome of

Linh Do Ngoc, Mai Nguyen Thi Phuong and Philipp Krutz

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Local Doctor for Homoeopathy

Homeopathy is a vitalist philosophy that interprets diseases and sickness as caused by disturbances in an immaterial vital force or life force. Disturbances are believed to manifest themselves first in mental symptoms, and eventually progress to physical disease if untreated. Homeopathy rejects germ theory, viewing the presence of pathogens as a symptom, rather than cause, of disease.
Homeopathy maintains that the vital force has the ability to react and adapt to internal and external causes, which homeopaths refer to as the "law of susceptibility" (as with the "law of similars" this is a term of art and not a natural law, and it lacks significant scientific acceptance).
The law of susceptibility implies that a negative state of mind can attract hypothetical disease entities called "miasms" to invade the body and produce symptoms of diseases.

Especially as designers we love this philosophy.

School Identity

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus is a Latin phrase meaning We do not learn for the school, but for life, meaning that one should not gain knowledge and skill to please a teacher or master, but because of the benefits they will gain in their life.
Therefore attending elementary school in Vienna¥s seventh district should be as joyful as possible, being proud wearing the school uniform, writing better grades in inspiring notebooks, a clear signage system, so that even the youngest can orientate and understand, a yearbook for lifelong memories and marked light switches to save energy.

Hotel Altstadt

Design and Art ñ combined with old fashioned charm and uniqueness ñ the secret of success of the boutique hotel Altstadt Vienna, a unique style retreat in one of Viennaís oldest districts, the Spittelberg. Each of the 42 exquisitely decorated rooms and suites has a unique touch.

The challenge was to develop a wayfinding concept which is absolutely submissive to the plenty of art, furnitures and designs of famous architects at the hotel. Nevertheless it was an urgent necessity, as the room numbering has its origin in the telephone switch board system. As a consequence room# 31 is in the first floor and room#63 is in the Mezzanin located. So te task was to accompy the guests by a very subtile, sensitive and reluctant way finding system.

A masterplan resulted out of comprhessive analysis, then a masterplan was developed and finally a draphic concept persuaded the owner. The installation was done in the early morning hours, not to interfere the hotel operations

The approach followed the concept od as less as necessary. Therefore 2 main axis have ben determined: A vertical point of information, always opposite the elevator exit and a horizontal one in the High-Parterre, the floor of the reception.

In order not to compete with the rich environment significant patterns of each of the floors have been used to mark the floors. To be in harmony with the existing surrounding the wayfinding information has been printed on textiles.

Summer School in Palermo

what: academic course
topic: Social Design
when: September 17-20, 2013
where: Palermo

Following an initiative of Cinzia Ferrara, Vice President of AIAP and adjunct professor in the Design Department at the Academy of Arts in Palermo we will be - on behalf of IIID and designaustria - partner of the Summer School 2013 in Palermo. Supported by Fausto Gristina, Renato Galasso and Francesco Monterosso it will be a full week course (including ECTS) on social design. In kind collaboration with the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna (Vice rector Stefan Hampl).The venue will be a large former industrial space, the Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, a site belonging to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo.

A workshop in Treviso

what: workshop
event: Design Per
when: starting in Sep 26-29, 2012
where: Treviso

Aiap (Italian Association of Design for Visual Communication) is organizing Aiap Design Per, the fourth edition of the International Graphic Design Week, to be held in the city of Treviso (Italy) from September 26th to 29th 2012. This year the main theme is Design and Science. In a three-days workshop we, together with Veronika Egger, will explore complexity in daily life and investigating the contribution of information design, making public and private services accessible and enjoyable.

A Project in Taiwan: Hello Cards: Leave a Mark

From 22 ñ 30 October 2011, IIID took part in the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo. Over 8 days,
300 000 individuals visited the exhibition, and more than 10 000 ìleft their markî at the IIID booth. Beginning on Saturday with empty walls, by the next weekend every available space was filled with individual artwork. The booth provide an opportunity to promote information design and IIID to a large audience, as well as sharing information about Safeway2School, the MSc in Traffic&Transport Information Design, the Information Design Journal and announcing the IIIDaward winners. Assisting at the booth were 28 students from Taiwan, who had taken part in an information design course led by Martin Foessleitner and Tingyi Lin.
Booth concept by hi-pe.at
IIID: International Institute for Information Design

what: Taiwan design expo
when: Sep-29 to Oct-14, 2012
where: Kaohsiung

Over the past decade, Taiwan Design Expo has enjoyed great success and won over the public in Taipei, Yilan, Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taichung. In 2012, the Taiwan Design Expo is returning to Kaohsiung, and the exhibition will take place at the Pier-2 Art Center from September 29 to October 14.

The 2012 Taiwan Design Expo consists of seven pavilions: the Theme Pavilion, the International Design Pavilion, the Taste Design Pavilion, the Golden Pin Design Pavilion (2 Halls), the Design Playersí Pavilion and the Kaohsiung Design Pavilion.

hi-pe.at on behalf of IIID will present the IIIDaward exhibition

publication is in preparation


designjam Cesis/Latvia

what: designjam
partner: Latvian Arts Academy
when: spring 2016
where: Cesis / Latvia

Since 2013 in the framework of erasmus program students from the academy of arts, culture and bank school, meet to experience the triple diamond method. In 2016 the city of Cesis hosted the workshop which was about how the city administration can communicate in a better way with its citizens and how a downtown creative hub can attract and involve participants and supporters. The results have been presented in the concert hall and will be available soon as a publication for download.


what: A Space for Information Design Exchange
organized by IIID and hi-pe.at
when: 2011 - 2013
where: former Wiener Werkst‰tte in Vienna

Founded in 1988 the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) had a showroom and project space in the former building of the Wiener Werkst‰tten (Vienna Worshop). Exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, training courses promoted and develop the discipline of information design and made it accessible to the public. IIIDspace was also a home base and project room for the 500 IIID members international network (universities, research institutes, private compagnies). Projects offered an additional stage, new perspectives and a 21st century reinterpretation to the work of Otto and Marie Neurath. IIIDspace aimed to create new cooperations and dialogues in the Vienna Worhsop. Though bringing together international experts, IIIDspace intended to offer an inspiring, cross border and transdiciplinary hub in Vienna.
Observation, analysis and interpretation of nowsdays phenomenons from an information design perspective contributed to offer new approaches and collaborative research projects.

Marie: Transforming Information

what: IIID VisionPlus Conference
program: 3 days exchange on Marie Reidemeister
when: September 2014
where: designforum MQ Vienna

Effective communication is a vital contributor to the peace, prosperity and persistence of our planet. With an incalculable number of people retrieving information through an unprecedented number of channels, information design needs to be more widely used so individuals can perform as citizens; governments can function; law can be observed; science and technology can be exploited; health and well-being can flourish; and the arts and culture can realise new levels of attainment. Vision Plus 2015 considered how information design can improve performance across a range of fields from the arts to business. It also reflected on information design as a performance in its creation, delivery, implementation and impact across a wide gamut of disciplines and a range of platforms, which straddle geographical and linguistic boundaries. The symposium not only deliberated on contemporary design, it also considered information design of the past and invite visions for the future.