Louis Lucien Lepoix

The more than 50 years of activity of Louis L. Lepoix encompassed around 3000 realized products, including the interior design of the Concorde, as well as more than 300 vehicles such as the Bugatti Type 101, truck designs for Steyr, Magirus, Berliet, Pegaso, Hannomag, many electronic devices and the Kienzle parking meter. Already since 1944 Louis L. Lepoix paid particular attention to the use of solar and wind energy.

>> see the PDF folder …
>> or visit:

Lora Lamm

After training at the Zurich School of Applied Arts, among others with Johannes Itten, Ernst Keller and Ernst Gubler and a short-term job with a commercial artist in Zurich, Lora Lamm moved to Northern Italy in 1953. In Milan, she worked in the advertising agency founded by Antonio Boggeri with Max Huber, among others, and designed for well-known companies such as Pirelli, Roche and Motta. Her first assignment was a packaging design for Motta.
From 1954 she worked in the advertising department of the elegant department store chain La Rinascente, which was known for its unique print media, and designed a sales campaign for Japanese goods in 1956. She was responsible for the design and production of the in-house magazine Cronache. She followed Huber as Art Director at Rinascente in 1958.

>> eye magazine

Munich Creative Business Week mcbw 2021

designaustria organized more than 20 small digital formats showcasing Austrian design and the collaborations between Bavaria and Austria at the Munich Creative Business Week 2021

>> see more here …


in Hannover at the agentur zum hohen Ufer as well in Stadthagen during wintertime and in Munich at the cbw

>> full details and audio in german only here


1887 1948
worked in several genres and media, including dadaism, constructivism, surrealism, poetry, sound, painting, sculpture, graphic design, typography, and what came to be known as installation art. He is most famous for his collages, called Merz Pictures. Most of the works attempt to make a coherent aesthetic sense of the world around Schwitters, using fragments of found objects.

His COLLAGES incorporate materials and pieces such as bus tickets, old wire and fragments of newsprint, Schwitters
used actual trash, such as broken items and scraps of paper, in his collages and assemblages. Although the use of found objects aligns him with other branches of Dada, his bold dependence on society’s throw-aways provoked
additional associations on the part of the viewer. Ultimately, he investigated links between seemingly unconnected
objects and ideas.

ProWork at the FH-Joanneum


Starting with and inspired by the book „Apple: Learning to Design, Designing to Learn“ written by japanese designer Ken Miki, we analyzed, rather
de-designed a simple product, the red-blue Silbenstift, which is made by the Styrian company Jolly in Graz.

Three sessions and short time in between for de-designing have given new inspiration, insights, discoveries and additional perspectives.

>> Book with Projects at issue

IDWE Yantai China

What can we do together was the theme at designaustria´s booth at the Industrial Design World Exhibition in Yantai/China 2012. A participatory design approach inspired almost 600 visitors to get into dialogue, by text, sketches, talks.

>> see a short movie here


As Bertha Benz did it in 1888: We are ready to, in fact, hit the road
and get back to feeling like we have that freedom to travel how we want and when we want. The immediate desire is to keep those trips short, to keep them regional, to keep them easy, and to keep them affordable. Fall will be “the new Summer” when small towns, local restaurants and hotels with great hospitality and high standards can expect to see a boom.(Gabe Saglie L.A.) It may follow the“Grand-Tour”, an idea of travelling for the sake of curiosity and learning
in the 17th century.

>> More on Bertha Benz first road trip

Bringing Hiroshima Appeals to Vienna

In 1983, the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) and the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation announced their collaboration on a project focusing on the theme “Hiroshima’s Spirit” and launched a poster campaign with the goal of promoting peace at home and abroad.
The first poster, entitled “Burning Butterflies,” was created by Yusaku Kamekura, the president of JAGDA at the time. Designersaffiliated with JAGDA produce one poster each year. The posters are sold to the general public and exhibited in a nationwide tour called the“Peace Poster Exhibition”. The “Hiroshima Appeals” project, conducted annually from 1983 till 1989, was reinstated in 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

>> download folder pdf

Photo session at the Hiroshima Hain was held on Friday, October 23, 2020 on the occasion of the exhibition of JAGDA-Hiroshima Appeal poster series in the Creative agency Zum Hohen Ufer a photo shooting with Daniel George in the Hiroshima Hain Hanover will take place. 23 people together with the 23 posters under the cherry trees are depicted as characters the bond between the twin cities of Hanover and Hiroshima. For the subsequent documentation we ask each person for a short statement to Hiroshima.

IIIDaward 2020

what: IIID Information Design Award
when: November 2019 - Summer 2022
where: online
who: everybody, who is dedicated to excellent information design

The aim of IIID has always been to promote and expand information design knowledge and research. In 2011, the International Institute for Information Design celebrated its 25th anniversary. The time was ripe for us to acknowledge the best in what information design has to offer by introducing the IIID Awards. After the inaugural year 2011 the competition will be held every three years with 2023 as the next date to look forward to.

>> more details here

Schönbrunn Garden Wayfinding System

Maybe even more beautiful and surprising than the palace: th Schönbrunn Gardens. An outstanding retreat inside the city of Vienna, Nagic sort for more than 3 Mio, guests, tourist, workers, residents and locals. A place of relax and fulfilled expectations, a place to get lost, forget about time and discover Viennese pastries, Japanese Garden and the zoo, home of Panda bear.
A pleasure and honor to develop and implement a way finding system together with Wehdorn Architects.

>> Read more here …

our superstore

oursuperstore, the design shop with a twist, presents well-designed products developed by social enterprises. And yes, they are for sale! A win-win situation both for you and the social economy.

Premiere: oursuperstore is a different type of design shop: It offers a selection of close to 30 curated products developed and produced by social enterprises in cooperation with designers. The idea to establish oursuperstore was born in 2018 during an MCBW workshop attended by representatives of AWO München and of Herzogsägmühle, students of design at TU München, Veronika Egger, Edith Bauer, Moritz Seegers, and coordinators Martin Fössleitner (hi-pe.at) and Thomas Bade (Institut für Universal Design). oursuperstore (also) will become digital after the analog premiere.

>> more on our superstore

DIY Face Masks

Again most important: These masks are not meant to replace surgical face masks, but when you must go
out, something to cover yourself is better than nothing, avoids spreading the virus and at the very least, it will remind you to not touch your face. Here some various options for your own DIY mask:

NO-SEW mask from Japanese Creations
Easy to make, even recommended by the various governments, and super-chic
kitchen towel could be added
No-Sew Pleated Face Mask with Handkerchief and Hair Tie

Another one from the New York Times
How to Sew a Face Mask including a convenient PDF for download

Beata from Vienna
midwife in a viennese hospital produces masks following this tutorial
Either you follow the tutorial or you mail Beata & Peter here and she will be happy to sew a mask of your favourite textiles for you

and Caja our graphic designer focuses on jeans-textiles,
If we may be helpful in any way please drop a note


A quick reference guide to information design.
Download here or send us an e-mail to receive your personal copy

>> download full notebook
>> get your printed copy

Wayfinding for Pedestrians / Fuflgaengerleitsystem Wien

Vienna Mariahilfer Strasse

Traffic reorganisation on Innere Mariahilfer Strafle, Viennaës main shopping street - provides new pedestrian zones and shared space sections, which will have a significant traffic- calming effect while at the same time maintaining access to car parks and shops. Developing maps for pedestrian zone called ÑFlaniermeileì, various aspects arise within the implementation by a process of emergent design and challenge the community, citizens, the city administration as well as us as the assigned designers for a pedestrian wayfinding system. hi-pe.at is assigned to design a wayfinding systen based on the Ñlegible cityì methodology, implementation started in September 2014 and will finish in May 2015.

>> Download the Report
>> Talking Walking Podcast
>> Studie von Moniteurs

auflanger wine

Ñauflangerì is our Austrian wine brand offering a typical very local sort called Ñfr¸hroter veltlinerì. Only 900 bottles a year are available.
The wine itself is meant for daily enjoyment in a democratic every-days environment. It is a family-project, grapes from the own wine-garden, carefully harvested, pressed and bottled.

>> auflanger.at

Unovis / Belarus

Vitebsk, a city with many treasures to discover, a hidden jewel, home of Unovis and Suprematism. As a starting point a beautiful and smart designed and curated museum, meeting the challenge to exhibit an art movement without the masterpieces and succeeding in making the story understandable and enjoyable. UNOVIS today finds its successors in a young, open-minded and talented community of students,
being aware of the cultural heritage with the big ambition to transform it in a contemporary style, attitude and movement. Guided and assisted by the local State University giving - in the same way as almost 100 vears ago - a platform for exchange, science and collaboration to continue the narrative of UNOVIS and making Vitebsk and its citizens proud of its identity as a
place of arts, skills and public creativity.

>> read and download here Ö

Tram Poster

there are more than 600 posters from the fifties in the archive of designaustria, which formerly have been displayed in Viennese trams:

>> read and download here Ö

VisionPlus Mexico

Since Mexico City has been World Design Capital in 2018 (wdo.org), the Vision Plus conference promoted ìInformation Design as a tool for a better cityî.

Information design professionals, students and teachers from around the world joined us in Mexico to take a closer look at the skills, competences and formats in Information Design needed to contribute to the welfare of citizens and development of cities.

>> See speakers and program


A workshop Ñdesign-jamì bringing the disciplines psychology and design together, how to create an understanding of both, how to communicate the added value, how to build common platforms and how can we collaborate and show our relevance and improve our common performance.
A mix of 20 students from 4 universities from 8 counties instantly collaborated and agreed, that there is a clear serendipity in linking the disciplines of design and psychology, what it needs are new formats and opportunities of training to go for more joint activities.

>> read and download here Ö

Viennese Guertel Area

The target area Gründerzeitviertel / Westgürtel is located in the densely built-up urban area along the Gürtelstraße between Heiligenstadt and Wiental. Since 2002, public space, culture and business have been promoted and redesigned in exchange with citizens. For the development we contributed some easy-going flyers

>> Surrounding map of the Stadtbahn PDF

Tourismus-Lab Linz

Psychology and Tourism, today`s services and the next generations expectations. Projects implemented by the Tourism School Bad Leonfelden, The HBLA Auhof Linz and the Sigmund Freud University kindly supported by the Linz Tourism Board.

>> read and download here Ö

VisionPlus 2017: IIID in Riga

category: Information Design Conference
when: Oct 26-27, 2017
place: Art Academy Riga / Latvia

VisionPlus 2017 will take place in Art Academy of Latvia October 26-27, 2017
and serves also as a platform to get familiar with the information design scene in Latvia, Baltikum and Eastern Europe as well we welcome our international community from all over the world from Asia, Australia, Africa and America and of course Europe.

Take this opportunity to link with academics, professionals and the next generation inner discipline, to get inspired by new methods, experiences and implementations. And besides that discover the hospitality and culture of Latvia.

>> more on the VisionPlus 2017…


How maps of the neighborhood contribute to a community feeling. The 7stern4 association for promoting business and activities in the Siebensternviertel in Vienna¥s seventh district use and rely on navigation and orientation to develop the local business and social life

>> see the first prototype here


According to a story happened long time ago,
the treatment of the inhabitants of a retirement house improved significantly, when pictures of the old people in younger times were displayed. Psychologists say that this is related to the effects of priming. Memories-XL makes use of this principle. Major milestones, lifehacks, photos of former times and visuals of competencies are displayed promoinently on the peopleís room doors, leading to: 1) a better behavior of the employees, 2) a closer relationship with the family; 3) more things to share and discuss with the colleagues; 4) a means against the development of dementia and 5) a starting point to rediscover the knowledge and competencies of the old people.
Memories-XL supports the work on the biography of dementia-people giving the respect, dignity and appreciation.

Awarded as Newcomer Innovation / Altenpflege Germany 2016.

>> more impressions (german only) Ö
>> presentation-pdf-slides

Universal Design

universal design involves the design and development of products and environments that can be used by
all people ñ as far as possible ñ without requiring any adaptation or specialized customizations. There are many differences between the worlds of the young and old, the healthy and the ill, of people with and without disabilities. One topic in the field of design, however, forms the basis of what they all have in common: well-
designed products, properly planned architecture and services designed to meet specific needs.

>> more on Universal Design e.V.

Brand-LAB: Tygerfly

An experiment how to build a new brand in reality, Hoodies and Shirts produced and handled in an ecological fair-trade way, designed and printed in Vienna by handcraft in the local neighborhood. How do young people react, what kind of graphic language they appreciate and how to reach them communicationwise.

>> more onÖ


what: generation research project
lead partner: Sigmund Freud University SFU!
when: March - November 2016
where: Lviv, Olomouc, Magdeburg, Milano & Vienna

The innovative goal of this project is to support Europeís young talents in the field of social and cultural sciences! The team members will be recruited from 4 different European countries, where 4 renowned universities advocate the project: Sigmund Freud University Vienna (Austria), Ukrainian Catholic University Lviv (Ukraine), Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany) and Palacky-University Olomouc (Czech Republic). The future of Europe depends on the next generation. But hardly anyone listens to themóeven less so at the Eastern periphery of the continent. We therefore want to support junior researchers in 4 European countries to jointly investigate what is relevant and innovative for their own generation.

>> more details here

ilum: augmented reality

what: street Neighbourhood landmark and app: experience the space
partners: is-design, TU-Vienna, subzero
when: 2015 - 2016
where: Vienna, Siebensternviertel

Supporting wayfinding for pedestrians and encouraging people to increasingly walk in urban environments can be achieved in various ways. We present an approach focusing on information and communication technologies (ICT) that can address both issues by enhancing the visibility of walking in an urban environment. This includes the re-landscaping of a defined district, encompassing a popular shopping area and its nearby streets, through tangible and digital information.

>> more details here

ìThe Teddy Bear Hospitalî

what: forms and stationaries
who: Austrian Medical Students Association
when: 2 times a year
where: Austria

The ëTeddy Bear Hospitalí (TBH) is a project organized by medical students and it is being established in more and more countries. Also in Austria where the Austrian Medical Student' Association (AMSA) has been running this project since 2001.
The TBH is a hospital simulation for children aged from 4 to 8 years in order to reduce their fear of doctors and the clinic. To reach this aim, an anxiety-free atmosphere is created to clarify the everyday hospital life. The children bringing their Teddies, who are the patients, and accompany them as well as assist the ìTeddy Docsî with the different departments, from the physical examination to blood taking until the pharmacy.

Espresso: A brief reference to information design

what: 156 pages publication
about: information design
when: available in January 2013
phase: pre-Testing

Information design is a fascinating combination of design, research and methods, fulfi lling peopleës basic needs in daily life.
This little booklet is a teaser to this discipline, without any claim on a academic approach or completeness. But maybe a compilation of useful principles, methods and tools ñ out of experience, as a starting point for further explorations and discoveries.

This project is supported by the ministry for education arts and culture. Thank you.

The book is in a pretesting process, if you are interested to be one of the first evaluators please get in touch with us.

>> please e-mail to:
>> or go to the online version hereÖ


“Over the coming weeks
we will all be tested in many ways.“

a quote from Tyler Brûlé, founder monocle.com

This folder provides some covid-19 stress coping proposals published by the WHO, suggestions of tiny design workouts ranging from Marie Kondo to a business canvas or writing your best ever haiku

>> download your PDF-poster here

Sigmund Freud University Vienna/Paris

what: lecture
at: Sigmund Freud University
when: every summer semester
where: Vienna

Media psychology meets informationdesign. Initiated by Stefan Hampl, Psychology Degree Coordinator, Barbara von Rechbach and Martin Foessleitner will run a course for BA and MA students sarting in March 2011. The Sigmund Freud University offers psychotherapy training in a variety of methods, including Behaviour Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Person-centred Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Therapy and offers an inhouse Outpatient Clinic, providing Psychotherapy services in German and English.

>> Read more on SFU Ö

City Development

what: Manual for Government Worker
client City of Vienna District Planning and Land Use
when: 2016

The values on which parpolity is based are freedom, self-management, justice, solidarity, and tolerance. The goal is to create a political system that will allow people to participate as much as possible in a face-to-face manner. The proposed decision-making principle is that every person should have say in a decision proportionate to the degree to which she or he is affected by that decision. This manual helps government workers to develop and handle this participatory process.


what: pop-up conference
organized by: Bertalanfy Center Vienna
when: 2016 and cont.
where: Sigmund Freud University Vienna

The European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research was held in Vienna from March 30 to April 1, 2016. It was the first pop up conference meeting in the field of Systems Science and Systems Design, called emcsr avantgarde. The name reflects the vision and the core of the programme. The stage was designed for the contemporary avantgarde of Systems Science and Practice, connecting the achievements of the past with inspiring potentials for the future.

>> For more details Ö


context: Munich Creative Business Week
when: February 2016
where: Makerspace Garching

students from the FH Joanneum in Graz, the Aarhus School of Architecture and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Coburg met together in the inspiring environment of the makerspace in Garching. Applying the format of a design jam the approach to the topic Ñborderlineì took place in three steps: Explore. Make. Check. ÑMindSetì is an object with two sides that connects strangers, without penetrating their private space be implemented in any public space in society. expressing the will to communicate and interact, with before unknown people or the need for peace and privacy. The second project ÑMeeplingì is a kind of board game which serves as a platform to enable students and professors to talk and discuss about their position in hierarchy by visualizing it. Meepling can also be applied for situations in hospitals, enterprises or administrations.

#VISUALIZE more than a week on data

what: Talks and Workshops on Data Visualisation
when: May and June 2014
where: Lecce / Italy
who: Students from Puglia

The communication market always more needs attentions on the use of software and knowledges which aspire to coherence and integration with other codes. Try to think at the collapse of the obstruction between journalists and printers in an editorial staff, or again, think to the prospect for graphic or professional studios to present their project through a watchful and captivating data collection. The use of infographics and visual journalism makes information more dynamic and it also rewards innovation, offering a qualified job opportunity. To prevent that the training lots of people do shows as a pinched opportunity, it is important to complement it with always more common manners. At the same time, it is important that people who use new codes and techniques, know well the subject they will approach to, this to avoid accidentally mistakes or blunders. The Laboratorio aspires to deal with the touched on topics, both the theoretical part, hiring the best ìteachersî, both the applied part, availing great structured workshops.

>> more details here
>> see what¥s going on Ö

aiap: DESIGN Per 2014 GENOVA

Aiap Design For 2014 Genoa, Limited Edition will be held June 25 to 29. The event, now in its fifth edition, consolidates a tradition of traveling all over the country: Naples 2009 2010 Bologna, Cagliari 2011 Treviso 2012. This year will be the city of Genoa to host the event.
The sites concerned are the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa and the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts in the first two workshops will be held in the program (workshop leaders: Ko Sliggers and Dave Daniels), the exhibition, the conference in collaboration with AIS Design Italian Association of Historians of Design, Aiap the assembly and delivery of the cards to ten honorary members.
The second Aiap Summer School will be held with the participation of Martin Foessleitner and Giuseppe Attoma.

>> more on aiap and design per Ö

Designjam Riga - Tobacco

Design Jam. Sessions. Dizaina radoöās darbnīcas.Radoöā darbnīca Rīgā notiek no 22. līdz 24.septembrim, savukārt, Jūrmalā no 25. līdz 27.septembrim. Rīgas radoöās darbnīcas uzstādījumu rosināja nepiecieöamās pārmaiņas valsts pārvaldes e-pakalpojumu sektorā. Savukārt, Jūrmalas pilsētas radoöās darbnīcas saturu veido gaidāmais Raiņa un Aspazijas jubilejas gads.

Session 1. Informācijas un lietojamības dizains e-vidē. Saturiskais uzstādījums iekļauj e-vides publisko pakalpojumu izpēti, analīzi un uzlabojumus, dizaina risinājumus, ņemot vērā uz lietotāju virzītu pieeju. Radoöās darbnīcas rezultāti tiks prezentēti konferences CONT_ACT RIGA 2014 ietvaros, Rīgā, 24.septembrī, kā arī UX Riga meetup pasākumā koprades telpā The MILL, 30.septembrī. Rīgas radoöās darbnīcas organizatori: Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija, Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija, Dizaina informācijas centrs, Latvijas IT klasteris, Cube Systems, Vides aizsardzības un reģionālās attīstības ministrija. Darbnīcā piedalīsies gan LMA un LKA studenti, gan pasniedzēji - Agnese Hermane (LKA), Barbara Ābele un Ingūna Elere (LMA).

Session 2. Jūrmalas pilsētas identitāte Raiņa un Aspazijas 150 gadu jubilejas kontekstā. 2015.gadu UNESCO ir iezīmējis kā Raiņa un Aspazijas 150 gadskārtas jubilejas gadu. Jūrmalas pilsēta lepojas ar atjaunotajām dzejnieku piemiņas vietām, kā arī strādā pie öī īpaöā notikuma popularizēöanas un atpazīstamības paplaöinājuma pilsētvidē. Radoöās darbnīcas rezultāti tiks prezentēti 29.septembrī Jūrmalas pilsētas domē. Jūrmalas radoöās darbnīcas organizatori: Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija, Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija, Dizaina informācijas centrs, Jūrmalas pilsētas Domes Kultūras nodaļa. Darbnīcā piedalīsies gan LMA un LKA studenti, gan pasniedzēji - Agnese Hermane (LKA), Barbara Ābele un Ilze Kundziņa (LMA).


Information Design Workshop Bologna

con Martin Foessleitner, Giuseppe Attoma
e la partecipazione di CFI ñ Multicultural Organizational Psychology

Da giovedÏ 13 a lunedÏ 17 novembre 2014
dalle ore 10.00 alle 18.00
Accoglienza giovedÏ 13 alle ore 9.30

presso "Un Altro Studio"
via Capo di Lucca 12/a - Bologna

Il tema, volutamente ampio e interpretabile in diversi modi, Ë stato scelto a partire da una serie di considerazioni sullíosservazione della realt‡ sociale e sulla necessit‡ di modificarla, reagire, diventando parte attiva di un processo sociale che si vuol modificare dallíinterno.

Reaction/Reazione Ë un concetto astratto che va declinato poi progettualmente, a partire dallíindividuazione di un problema al quale si vuol dare come risposta una possibile soluzione. Il design lavora in tale direzione (problem solving) e la sua applicazione in un contesto sociale come il nostro puÚ generare nei partecipanti al workshop la capacit‡ di osservazione, di reazione, di intervento, adoperando, fuori dai canonici contesti didattici e in una condizione di insegnamento misto, gli strumenti della disciplina progettuale.

>> more details at AIAP Ö


BCSSS Bertalanffy Center for the Studies of System Sciences

what: Scientific Association
topic: Corporate Identityn
when: started in 2013
where: Vienna and the World

The BCSSS aims at the advancement of scientific research in the field of systems thinking. In particular, it revisits General System Theory (GST) as founded by Ludwig von Bertalanffy and others in order to reassess it in the light of todayís global challenges and to illuminate the course of development systems science has taken since.

>> read more

Street Photography with Eric Kim

what: street photography workshop
program: 3 days theory and practise for beginners
when: July-31 - Aug-2 2015
where: hi-pe.at atelier in 1070 Vienna, Zollergasse 7

If you want to conquer your fear of shooting street photography, meet other passionate street photographers, and take your work to the next level consider joining this upcoming workshop! Eric has taught over 40+ workshops, across 17+ countries, to over 500+ students who have stepped outside of their comfort zones and have had life-changing experiences.

The workshop is limited to an intimate class of 16 passionate individuals who want to take their street photography to new heights. The workshop will be an intimate experience in which you will learn solid fundamentals, get honest & constructive criticism on how to improve your photos, and meet other enthusiastic street photographers. This workshop is ideal for beginner or intermediate street photographers.

>> more on Eric
>> if you are interested please let us know ñ

Design Jam SUPSI

at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Department for Environment Constructions and Design
Laboratory of visual culture

>> Download PDF


Hotel Safety Card

category: service
class of business: hospitality and safety
place: Europe and US

Continued growth in international trade, travel and tourism requires new systems of communicating hospitality and safety in facilities that rely as little as possible on the use of words to achieve understanding. The Hotelsafetycard may be an essential component in communications with guests and customers and if managed properly a smart way to create feelings of safety and comfort. Building on functionality, safety instructions and information plans can be designed appealing and contribute actively to a brands performance.

>> more details soon here


what: research and development
by whom: EU
who: 5 European partners
until: until 2014

Successful communication is critical in this ëinformation ageí. IC Clear will develop, pilot and implement a postgraduate course in clear communication to respond to the increase in demand for clear, easy-to-understand information and the lack of well-trained clear communication professionals.
Depending on the outcomes of a survey to industry professionals, the course will consist of an innovative mix of
ï plain language
ï information design
ï usability techniques.
The IC Clear consortium is a partnership of four higher education institutions and a language institute from Austria, Belgium, Portugal Canada and Estonia. hi-pe.at is partnering with the Sigmund Freud University Vienna.

>> more details here